Lake Nona Schools

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Discovering and developing a person’s full potential begins with a few fundamentals. At Lake Nona, it starts with a thoroughly modern learning environment that places premium universities, research facilities, hospitals, and kindergarten through high school facilities close enough to one another to encourage collaboration.

The next step is bringing advanced learning tools and technology like Promethean ActivInspire Boards to the community to give Lake Nona’s students and residents the ability to engage in real-time interactions with researchers, doctors, professors and even businesses in our community, as well as classrooms and other learning environments around the globe.

What you end up with is an ideal place to inspire human potential and a new model for learning.

Culture of Collaboration

LNinstLake Nona Institute

Lake Nona Institute (LNI) is a non-profit, community-focused organization that incubates, activates and measures the impact of innovative technologies and programs that can become global models for building healthy, sustainable and inspired communities.

With the goal of creating an ideal place to inspire human potential through collaborative efforts, LNI focuses on programs that fall into the following categories: education, health & wellness and sustainability.


Medical City

medical city4Medical City

It’s been called a new chapter in Orlando’s history. A cluster that put Lake Nona on the map as a mixed-use employment center. The 650-acre health and life sciences park known as Lake Nona Medical City is a landmark for Orlando and a premier location for medical care, research and education. Carefully planned and laid out, Lake Nona Medical City represents a deliberate strategy to create a centralized focus of sophisticated medical treatment, research and education in Central Florida.

Bike, Jog, Walk

fotolia 35501257Bike, Jog, Walk

As part of Lake Nona’s commitment to conservation, 40 percent of the community has been reserved for open green space and lakes. With 44 miles of planned trails and 1,000 acres of lakes and waterways, Lake Nona’s conservation areas provide residents with abundant recreational opportunities, neighborhood gathering spaces and natural habitats to get out and enjoy nature.

Lake Nona takes fitness one step further by sponsoring worthy events and causes including RunNona 5K, the American Diabetes Association’s Tour de Cure, and the Lake Nona Athletic Club, a non-profit club made up of residents who promote amateur running, cycling and swimming in our community.